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Xinfuda Упаковочная компания является одним из китайского упаковочного поставщика, который образованный в 2001 году, мы проектируем, производим,продаваем в всем мире уже 20 лет. Упаковки шипучих таблетких является нашей главной продукцией в фармацевтической упаковке, COP и DPI --- наши новые продукции в области исследований.


Why Pharma Factories Choose Child Resistant Cap for Bottle


Child resistant cap bottle is that preventing children opening the pharma bottle package. So why we must choose this package for medicine?

From the view of pharmacology and toxicology, children are immature due to the body’s development, some drugs are not suitable for children due to drugs’ particularity and complexity when metabolisming in vivo. However there are some colorful, shaping and sweet icing tempting children of tender years. Children open the bottle and eat by mistanke will cause some damage and maybe sequelae. There will reduce the damage if use the child resistant cap bottle.


 Why Pharma Factories Choose Child Resistant Cap for Bottle

60ml child resistant cap bottle

The number of left-behind children in China reached 58 million five years ago, with more than 40 million left-behind children under the age of 14, now a larger proportion. More than 80 percent of the left-behind children are separated by grandparents and temporary guardianship of relatives and friends.The responsibility of guardianship is not carried out and the guard is not aware. The left-behind children are more vulnerable to accidental injury.


Why Pharma Factories Choose Child Resistant Cap for Bottle

 children proof container


The technology and industry of China's production and use of child safety protection devices are very mature. The usage of child resistant cap bottle will also reduce the occurrence of drug incident in children.


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