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Xinfuda Упаковочная компания является одним из китайского упаковочного поставщика, который образованный в 2001 году, мы проектируем, производим,продаваем в всем мире уже 20 лет. Упаковки шипучих таблетких является нашей главной продукцией в фармацевтической упаковке, COP и DPI --- наши новые продукции в области исследований.


Take Care of Children, Starting with HDPE Child Resistant Cap Bottle


High density polyethylene push and down bottle is a safe packaging bottle for children. It can be opened by double cover. In 2016, Center for drug evaluation and complete drug registration review and presented to the General Administration for approval for a total of 10060 pieces, 729 pieces of drug registration and complete review for reporting defects of applicants waiting for reply. There are so many kinds of drugs, but in terms of packaging,We only need material, compatibility and so on, External security and anti miseat in China now has no strong norms, promotion of high density polyethylene pressure screw cap bottle is also limited to the legal outside.


 Take Care of Children, Starting with HDPE Child Resistant Cap Bottle

pharma bottle with child resistant cap

In the United States, many tablets and capsules have been forced to use child resistant cap packaging. This package can not be said to prevent from the root of the eating event, but after 3 years of accumulated data comparison can be seen, the use of safe packaging after eating incident frequency dropped more than 36 percentage points before use.


 Take Care of Children, Starting with HDPE Child Resistant Cap Bottle

75ml child proof cap bottle z007


Chinese pharmaceutical packaging appeals to tablet and capsule packaging using push and down cap packaging. In particular, mental, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular products try to use high-density polyethylene cap bottle, to protect life, from a bit start.

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