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Xinfuda Упаковочная компания является одним из китайского упаковочного поставщика, который образованный в 2001 году, мы проектируем, производим,продаваем в всем мире уже 20 лет. Упаковки шипучих таблетких является нашей главной продукцией в фармацевтической упаковке.


How Can Plastic Vitamin Tube Keep Dry Environment


Plastic vitamin tube is used in vitamin tablet packaging due to its dry environment. There are silical-gel desiccant and large molecular sieve desiccant in plastic vatimin tube. However, silica-gel desiccant is the only one through FDA and healthy for human.

 How Can Silica-gel Desiccant of Plastic Vitamin Tube Keep Dry?

desiccant cap


Silica-gel desiccant in plastic vitamin tube is a highly active adsorbent material, which belongs to amorphous material. Silic-gel desiccant of vitamin tube cap insoluble in water, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable. According to diameter, silica can be divided into macroporous silica gel, coarse - hole silica gel, type B silicone, fine - hole silica gel. Silica can reuse through rebirth. The main ingredient of silica-gel desiccant is Sio2, for more translucent amorphous, composed of natural mineral processed granular or bead, usually after treatment with sulfuric acid to form, its hard, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, good chemical stability and thermal stability.

How Can Plastic Vitamin Tube Keep Dry Environment

plastic vitamin C tube


Silica-gel desiccant of plastic vitamin tube covers many hydroxyl groups with strong hydrophilicity, at the same time, the surface of silica gel desiccant has many small holes that are not visible to the naked eye, so that its surface area is greatly increased, and the properties of silica gel desiccant decide to become a good desiccant.Desiccant moisture environment as temperature of the shelf life is most suitable for 20 ~ 32 ℃, humidity was 60% ~ 60%, it can reduce the environmental relative humidity to 40%.

Xinfuda as a China major effervescent packaging manufacturer with DMF, which can offer excellent desiccant packaging for vitamin tablets. Plastic vitamin tube adopted silica-gel desiccant to keep dry and the spring on the cap can prevent tablets damaging.

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