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Xinfuda Упаковочная компания является одним из китайского упаковочного поставщика, который образованный в 2001 году, мы проектируем, производим,продаваем в всем мире уже 20 лет. Упаковки шипучих таблетких является нашей главной продукцией в фармацевтической упаковке.


Effervescent Tube with Spiral Desiccant Cap


The spiral desiccant cap or stoppers for our effervescent tablet tubes provide maximum protection while enhancing the shelf life of your product. Our spiral desiccant cap comes with an inbuilt tamper evident ring which can protect the integrity of your product while the spiral design of spiral desiccant cap helps in keeping the product in place during transportation.

Effervescent Tube with Spiral Desiccant Closure

spiral desiccant cap

As the industry level of misconduct and OTC drugs introduced the New Deal, industry demand for pharmaceutical packaging will be toward a more secure, more convenient, faster and more environmentally friendly direction. At present, the majority of drug packaging, quality generally unstable, with function of moisture-proof and deoxidizer function of medicinal plastic moisture proof cover less plastic bottles, nearly 7 compounds packaging are not up to international standards. Most domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprise does not pay attention to technology and new materials research and development, still less investment in technology. Overall packaging materials of low value-added products, pharmaceutical packaging in the international market accounted for 30% of the value of the drug, compared with only 10% in China, far behind the international market.

Effervescent Tube with Spiral Desiccant Closure

effervescent packaging

As consumers purchasing trend gradually increase, medical market is more and more big, the pharmaceutical packaging market by the glass to plastic products, plastic pharmaceutical packaging more attention and concern. Pharmaceutical companies appearance of packaging, packaging design and packaging, quality promotes gradually, OTC drugs is more outstanding.

According to this situation, shijiazhuang Xinfuda Medical Packaging co., LTD., a new development with desiccant cap has produced for oral solid pharmaceutical plastic bottles, desiccant cap is more security and prevent children open the auxiliary function, good sealing, in line with the national drug packaging materials and containers registration certificate, without aluminum foil sealing.

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